Staying in touch with prospects is hard work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the term Turnkey Newsletter mean?

A: The newsletter requires no time or attention from you and allows you to stay focused on your business with no distractions!


Q: Who writes the content / articles?

A: Our articles written by an industry expert and award-winning author.


Q: How is the template for the newsletter developed?

A: The design of the newsletter is modeled after your company's logo, photos, look and feel to extend and empower your brand and differentiate your company.


Q: Who handles delivery?

A: We do: Automatic consistent delivery - on time every time which builds trust, creates relationships, and allows you to stay 'top of mind'. We manage your database and provide lists of subscribers and emails.


Q: Can I edit the articles?

A: Each article is fully editable and we stand squarely behind every word.


Q: Can I add links from newsletter to my website?

A: Yes and we highly recommend it so you can increase web traffic.


Q: Can I customize the sidebar with my own company news and info?

A: Yes and we highly recommend it to promote new employees, products, services for your company.


Q: What about photos?

A: You can upload your own photos and other images from your computer to your newsletter sidebar to give it a local look and feel.


Q: How do I make edits to my newsletter?

A: We provide you a password protected area on our website. The software is as easy to use as MS Word.


Q: Can I drive traffic to my website from my newsletter?

A: You can add hyperlinks directly into your newsletter.


Q: Do you handle the design and layout of each issue?

A: Yes, each edition professionally designed and laid out to insure a crisp, professional image.


Q: Do you help me get subscribers to my newsletter?

A: We provide turnkey systems and ongoing education to increase enrollment and improve your newsletter.


Q: Do you provide training?

A: We provide you everything you need to get your newsletter up and running, simply and easily.


Q: Do you provide tech support?

A: Yep, we are available via email or phone during business hours.


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