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The Builders Newsletter Story

My problem... Although my business is different from yours, we may share a common problem…I watched a lot of potential business simply slip away.

I am a business coach. The vast majority of my clients are custom and semi-custom home builders. I have built my practice by speaking at NAHB events like the Custom Builder Symposium and the IBS as well as presenting daylong workshops to Builder 20 Clubs.

While my practice was steadily building, I had a problem.

Following a presentation, a number of participants would give me their business card and tell me that I'd be a good fit to coach their company. They'd ask me to call them in a month, or next quarter, or after the 1st of the year to explore working together.

Dennis who? I would do just that…place the call on the requested day and re-introduce myself. Their response, "Dennis who?" These callbacks never resulted in a sale. Whatever ignited the spark between us was dampened by time and more pressing distractions.

But I had no way to stay in touch... If I was going to capture this business, I needed to do something. I had to find a way to stay in touch with prospects during this critical period; a way to keep the flame of interest ignited.

A solution that blew me away... It was out of this need that my newsletter, "The Monday Morning Business Gems" was born. It is a weekly publication that tackles a different business concern in each issue. It goes out via email, it is educational (not promotional) and is designed to position me as an expert in my field. I never spam anyone. I send the newsletter only to those who request it.

The results of this simple idea exceeded my wildest dreams…

  • I started with 40 subscribers three years ago. I now have over 1300.
  • My revenues have tripled and my practice is at capacity.
  • My margins increased while reducing my advertising expenses.
  • As my newsletter built relationships and trust with my future clients, I was able to simplify a lengthy and complex sales process and my closing ratio more than doubled. 
  • My leads from referrals increased by a factor of 10. (Clients just click on "forward" and extend the reach of the newsletter.)

My builder clients saw the light... The impact of the newsletter was not lost on my builder clients. They saw how effectively the newsletter could work for them. They attract traffic from their website, model homes, or parade of homes. They watch future buyers pick up a brochure and walk away, never to be seen again.

They need to stay in touch with these people, to differentiate their business from their competition, to extend their brand, to build trust and relationships.

They lacked the resources... it had to be turnkey! They wanted their own newsletter, but they weren't writers, didn't have the time or the manpower to pull it off.

It was out of the insistence and persistence of my builder clients that The Builders Newsletter was born.

In order to work, the newsletter had to be turnkey. My clients are successful builders and they are very busy. Sound familiar?

So we handle the content and design, layout each issue and distribute the newsletter. We manage subscriber lists and provide strategies to increase subscribers and maximize their existing database. In short, we do it all!

It has worked just as effectively for them as it has for me.

As of this writing, we have been producing the newsletter for nearly two years. Only one of our subscribers has cancelled his subscription. The reason…he became a land developer and no longer builds.

People vote with their actions and their wallets. Our subscriber results speak for themselves.


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